it shoots with an arrowVIRTUAL HOSTING OF ESrating

It discovers because we are different

Our quality on watch of communications does not leave place to doubts, because our efforts always go focused to that You have the best possible service of hosting to technological level.

It is easy to verify by same you the quality of our data lines, for it if it has JAVA qualified in his navigator, simply it goes to and it introduces anyone of our domains to check the speed and benefits of our services in comparison with any other servant of the competition. Same you can verify that our sites are seen with less jumps and major speed that the others hosting.


  • Because we are the only company that offers a TOTAL service to him of hosting (hosting), so next to the option to have its own servant in its facilities and to a fraction of the cost of this one.
  • Because we supported the Cerfificaciones for Servidores Seguros (SSL) and can implement its own Certification in our servers.
  • Because we supported PHP, RealMedia, Majordomo, anonymous FTP and FTP, DNS, e-commerce and one long list of services.
  • Because Acon we will include publicity neither names of third parties in its directions email nor in no other service of Hosting.
  • Because it can create all the services under his domain, for example:,,, in all our services of Hosting.
  • Because it has an ready equipment to help him in any project, participating in its interest in Internet.
  • Because we are the company leader in electronic commerce, and can personalize from its article bases to automating its periodic collections to its clients with credit cards and Servidor Seguro (SSL).
  • Because by only from 42.00 EUR to the month you will have his company in Internet at the same level that the greatest companies of the world.
  • Because our system will grow according to you need it to you, until locating for its presence all the servers, until with 4 processors and 4 TV of hard disk.
Characteristics of Hosting shared in ESrating:
Space in hard disk2GB
Services DNS includingIF
Address 1 IP publishes
Usuary accounts 100
FTP if
mySQL 1 Database
SSH if
Smtp if
Webmail if
MGP if
PHP if
Backup copy if, according to policy of backup.
Payment with credit cardsIf, VISA, 4B, Mastercard, Amex
Monthly trafficUntil 50Gb
Shared bandwidth1Gbps symmetrical