it shoots with an arrowDEDICATED SERVANTS ESrating

On our dedicated servers he will count on all the services including in the BASIC Pack in one or several equipment for his use in exclusive.
In addition to including all the services of the BASIC Pack, he incorporates:

  • from 60 GB of space
  • Limitless number of users
  • Limitless number of domains
  • Traffic: from 5 GB/mes

ESrating offers Dedicated Servers to them, where the only thing who will miss is the button reset. On these servers all the services including of series in servers nondedicated in all the services of Hosting are implemented.

  • Sendmail
  • Apache
  • Imap
  • POP3
  • Mysql
  • PHP
  • SSL
  • SSH
  • Java
  • Perl
  • cgi
  • Support of statistical Web
  • It completes version of Slackware, Debian, others

Full-Redundant servers

… because it fails what fails, his services will stay.

  • DOUBLE Supermicro servant 1U Full redundant
  • Debian, Slackware, others
  • Dual processor of 64 bits Intel Xeon 3.2GHz 4 Cores (2x2)
  • 8 GRAM ECC
  • Two SATA units 1Tera each
  • Double interface of network GigaEthernet
  • Public address IP subnet of 16 directions
  • Remote access IPMI
  • inotify+rsync for mirror crossed between servers

    By Only 220,00 Euros/month!

    This type of configuration allows him to realise copies from the volume To of the first servant to volume B of the second servant
    In addition he allows to realise a mirror in real time of volume To a volume To in the second servant.
    Access IP allows to different possible configurations, from load balancing in round-robin by IP managed by ours routers to relaxing the second servant as SPARE (replaced) or equipment of development.
    The philosophy of work of these systems replaces with advantages to the systems local RAID on SATA, and covers any possible failure in anyone with the pieces, cards of network, power supply, motherboard, hard disk, etc to the being resulted systems 100%.
    Their processors of 64bits admit the operating systems of 64 bits, although the software of mirroring among them only we applied it to Linux systems, BSD, Solaris and it is not of complete application to systems based on Microsoft.

    The monthly price does not include the initial costs of setup, that varied based on the requirements of the client.
    One does not include in the price the configuration of inotify+rsync nor other options of configuration as they depend on the work way of the tandem of servers.
    In the case of load balance it is recommended to use an only disc system for both machines, although this one also is resulted, by means of iSCSI, NFS or another type of assembly protocol in order synchronization of data between both in a writing model/reading.