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ESrating provides a dual cascade system of units UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply. Unit of Uninterrupted Feeding) online and with controlled monitoring that the correct operation of all systems guarantees, including servers in closets, equipment of network such as switches and hubs and routers, as well as additional equipment, still in the case of the most severe electrical failures than brought about long falls in the supply lines.
For it the system is even provided with equipment with support for change and replacement of the batteries of UPS in the heat of the moment, that is to say, without needing extinguishing the systems.


The Backup copy System (BACKUP) is constituted by three independent systems of endorsement in way mirroring (complete copy of systems) of all the local network.
These copy systems arrange in each of them of complete images (mirroring) of each of all the hard disks of the servers in all the system, carried out on hard disks of high capacity, which still guarantees minimum reset times in case otherwise the severe disasters.
Additionally the third system of endorsement is located to 3.5 km of distance of the main offices, as preventive measure in case of indencios or accidents that affected to the totality of the main facilities.
The copied peridocidad of for each one of the copy servers is variable, being in the longest case of 15 days, with the object of being able to back recover information without limitation of two weeks, and in the short case but with a cycle of 48 hours.