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ESrating offers to him in addition for that they have his own hardware, its services of location of servers in the CPD.

This provides a service in which the client contributes his own complete system, hardware and software, and this one is located physically in one of the closets, providing ESrating with the services of communications (traffic IP), of feeding (UPS Systems) and general preparation (Air conditioning, accessibility, etc)

The client will be able to have at any moment physical access to hardware thus installed and will enjoy one or more physical connections to the distributors switches of the local network, as well as one or two takings by servant of the Uninterrupted supply line (UPS)

On this service, the client will be able to contract adiconales services as they are

  • Preventive maintenances and corrective on hardware
  • Backup copies of its systems towards our systems of Backup
  • Additional insurances on installed hardware
  • Revisions and updates of software.
  • Services of Firewall

ESrating advises the use of systems of the following typical:

  • Systems Rack 1, 2, 3 or 4U
  • To provide with rails of extraction of rack in the closet.
  • Superfluous power supply
  • Hardware of appropriate quality (Supermicro, Dell, Compaq, etc)

Please, it directly consults the requirements for his installation with us.

of space 1U in rack
Double electrical taking 3A
Address I publish subnet 16 IP
Two ports GigaEthernet 142.00 Euros/month

of space 2U in rack
Double eléctica taking 3A
Public Direccionamineto subnet 16 IP
Two ports GigaEthernet 178.00 Euros/month

Space 1U in rack for switches
Simple electrical taking 37.00 Euros/month