it shoots with an arrowSTABILITY OF SERVANTS ESrating

The reliability in the operation of the equipment and systems in Internet is based on the use of components and auxiliary organizational elements of the greater quality and amply verified.
All the systems, from their chassis in racks to the modules of ram memory have been accredited by ESrating for their use in applications critics where an operation continued without problems is required.

Each element used in the assembly of the equipment strictly is selected observing its quality of manufacture and reliability, never ignoring the values given by its manufacturer as far as conditions of work (temperatures principles, vibrations, storage and manipulation), as the data of Average Time between Fallos (MTBF).
Still in but the severe conditions of Quality assurance, a system can fail by some reason unforeseen circumstance. As preventive measure of face this one risk, ESrating always has back-up equipment to a fast substitution in a system that has been damaged seriously.
It is totally normal to observe in “uptime” (time that takes to ignition without interruption the system) values of several months, being been due the falls to maintenance tasks, changes or extensions hardware, change of servers, etc.

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To majors benefits the control commitments are demanded of any system to guarantee the stability of the same become critics more.
They begin to have great importance factors as the temperature, the effects due to mechanical vibrations and by all means speaking of electronics the electrical interferences and quality of electrical signals.

Thanks to the circuits incorporated in the components of high range of our servers it is possible to be carried out a control and preventive maintenance that in most of the cases detect a possible failure or malfuncionamiento before this one takes place and llege to affect to the quality on watch.

This type of detection, as much concerning the own hardware as of the free resources available in the system, acquires his greater importance in the control systems of temperature as well as in those of prevention of failures in hard disks SCSI, still being all the hard disk systems tripled by means of systems mirrors that even guarantee the security in the cases of more severe failures.

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