it shoots with an arrowELECTRONIC COMMERCE WITH ESrating

A basic system of Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) is based on different parts:

  • Basic motor of Data
  • Data bases of Articles/Products, Clients and Orders
  • System of Orders
  • Footbridge of Payment

Two forms exist basically to treat this information:

  1. Of a way easy to implement, statically, or with expensive projects of update of products. Within this rank we arrange in the market of different “prefabricated supplies”, that although they do not contribute flexibility yes suppose a fast way to create our product base.
  2. On the other hand, a more complex way something to implement, based on systems of data bases, is going to allow to a great facility of handling and update of products in real time, as well as a great flexibility at the time of specifying operative parameters of the sale.

Of this form the service in addition is modulizable and adaptable to means of the client, being able to use from a webpage to consult and to update products, or doing it from its local application, concerning the data bases from the servant to the system of data bases that uses locally.

The supported data bases more for this aim include dBase, Oracle, Sybase, mSQL, mySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, Adabas and many others. The system based on personalizables data bases is highly flexible and works basically with the modules:

  • Base /Productos Article
  • Data base of Parameters, for example concerns maximum of the purchase, geographic zones, colors of the presentation, etc.
  • Base of Clients where they are registered all the buyers.
  • Base of Orders.


How it works?

To the buyer, once it has selected the article or service object of the purchase appears a questionnaire to him where it will have to introduce the data of his number, credit card, expiration date and name.
The amount is sent directly from the previous cgi, not giving the possibility to that the client can modify it.
As much the user as the commerce, receives notification of the state of the transaction. This result is highly personalizable for each commerce.
They exist, basically the following possibilities and their variants:

  • To add the result of the transaction to the file of orders generated by the previous application shopping-cart.
  • To send the result by email to the commerce.
  • To send the result by means of a call to a determined port of another system.
  • To send the result as POST to another cgi in the system.

This last case is used when it is desired to in line qualify the access to certain product or service, for example for sale online of software without physical expedition.
In this case the last cgi will qualify download of certain product if the collection has been successful.

I can personalize the form of collections?

Yes. This it is in a cgi, of which it will have a copy if it wishes under its own directory cgi-bin, having been able to put in the same its corporative, logotivos colors, information, etc.

I can determine the behavior of rejections?

Yes. You can determine by means of his modification in this cgi settling down his own control of operations and filters if she wishes.
For example a normal filter is that the same card number cannot be used three insolvent and consecutive times, or three attempts bankrupts from the same connection.
The type of action in these cases can also determine it to his measurement, for example to deshabilitar new attempts for that connection during a day, one week, or indefinitely adding the data of the connection, card number, etc. to a filter file.

What risk supposes for the commerce?

None. The system works exactly just as if it had in his commerce a terminal TPV connected to his bank.
Once you receive the OK and the number of authorization, you already have received.
The possibilities of fraud, next to their technological impossibility by the typical of the own system in itself, do not affect to him to the commerce.

What guarantees obtain the client?

We advise report to its client in its page, that will happen to a Safe Servant, where all the information that travels by the Internet network is encriptada.
Also it can incorporate additional measures of confidence towards his client, as could be that absolutely nobody, neither the commerce, nor its supplier of services (we) will have access to the data of the card and that these will be volatizarán of all the system once carried out the collection.
This system is safer for the buyer that to give its card in any physical box of any commerce.

What time takes the commerce in having the money?

It will arrive to him at his bank in the later immediate valise, normally between the 24 and 48 hours following.

I can load periodic quotas to my clients?

Yes. This service is not including of series in the basic package, but it wishes, a robot in our safe servant, will be in charge to read its data base of clients, dates of victory, I concern and collection data, and will automatically carry out the position to these clients, reporting to him the result of the transactions.
This system requires that it has a file or data base of interchange decided with our technologists to his operation.

What is the price to use the service?

ESrating additionally does not receive anything for the use of this service.
The service of collection with credit cards online is a service of added value to our basic package of hosting. The banking system will load a commission to him on the amount of the sale.

What cards are supported?

At the moment VISA, MasterCard and all the are supported 4B.
Additionally American Express is supported also.

I can operate in other currencies?

Yes. Our system is multicurrency, and the values of change are updated on a daily basis of Monday through Friday.
It must consider in any case, that when it is used any system multidescries, can have small fluctuations between the given value, that has been taken from the closing of the previous day, and the one that really load that will be in that same day. Normally it will be able to put in his page of shopping-cart a commando or link for the currency change, according to wishes his client.
For it we facilitated the conversion to him of up to 50 different currencies.

If I do not have any bank in my locality with which to operate, exist some alternative does product?

Although mainly we are only intermediary technological and nonfinanciers, there are cases in which special formulas with some clients are used.
Please, it does not doubt in consulting to us what is its case in particular.

What product type I can sell online?

At first any product. Our service is a service of collection in this case, and therefore it is exactly just as if you used a TPV or an ATM to carry out his sales.
However, totally the load in our servant of pornographic material, sale of any illegal type, etc. is prohibited.
Our company does not assume in any case responsibility delegated as far as products sold by our clients using this system of payment.

If already I have my hosting with another company, I need to change it to his servers?

No. Can use only the system of payments if it wishes, indicating to us how and where the answer is due to send.
With making a POST to his page in our safe servant it is sufficient, can maintain the rest of pages anywhere (exepto the payment cgi).
The answer will be given back to a cgi his to him to listening.

What data shipment and receipt in an operation?

As obligatory data, it must send to our cgi a reference of the operation and the amount.
The reference of the operation can be any alphanumeric chain with the characters 0-9 and A-Z, capital as as much very small and without spaces. This reference is the one that will be used in its cgi in the part of shoping-cart to identify the operation. The amount will have to be sent without formatting, that is to say commas nor scores, in numerical format.
It must indicate when another currency is used, what descries.
For it three digits exist that will identify the used currency.

The data that receive are: reference of the operation (the same that it sent), the state of the operation, and a number of authorization.
The state of the operation will be OK when the operation has been successful and KO if she has been insolvent, along with an explanation.
The number of authorization is generated by the Card System, and it serves to him as number of tracking of the operation in all contacts on that transaction with the bank.

What time takes in implementing the system?

Based on its geographic location, and of the complexity of its shopping-cart, but what is the module of payment with credit cards can less than have it available in 48 hours.

How to contract the service?

To contract Online

Direct an email to us with his needs, or contract our module bases automatically, that or includes this service.
For his use, and following its location, it is possible that it must carry out some contract in the bank.
In any case all this procedure is easy and FREE for you