it shoots with an arrowSERVICE OF ADMINISTRATION DNS

Servers DNS (Server Domain Name) are those that will be consulted when somebody writes its name of domain, giving back a valid direction IP of Internet to which the request will be sent.

ESrating offers a unique service in the management of these DNS contributing a differentiation in their product with others of the competition.

One of the actractivos majors of the system is its ability to work IN REAL TIME, and this means a great saving of time for the developers.

With other systems of the competition, his developer to be able to prove a created new site, we say for example, required to give it of discharge in his DNS, to hope soon to that it glues it and to wait for the distribution by the network.

This normally took one or two day of delay traditionally. With our system, it only requires 30 seconds of delay.

ESrating contributes this service in a system of costs very reduced, and the client can add or eliminate any entrance DNS for a domain.

A Service DNS ADMIN by each domain of second level, that is to say, a service DNS for, that will manage all the entrances of type To and MX for this domain for example, is required,, etc

It can add so many entrances as it wishes, without limits, to his Service DNS ADMIN, for example, one of each employee of his company to present his Digitalis YOU GO,……